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Posted on • Originally published at on <time datetime="2019-05-13T19:47:24Z" class="date">May 13, 2019</time>

Screen Recorder: recording microphone and the desktop audio at the same time

I have a goal of building the worlds simplest screen recording software and I’ve been slowly noodling around on the project for the last couple of months (I mean really slowly).

In previous posts I had got the screen recording and a voice overlay by futzing about with the streams from all the input sources. One area of frustration though was that I could not work out how to get the audio from the desktop and overlay the audio from the speaker. I finally worked out how to do it.

Firstly, getDisplayMedia in Chrome now allows audio capture, there seems like an odd oversight in the Spec in that it did not allow you to specify audio: true in the function call, now you can.

const audio = audioToggle.checked || false;
desktopStream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia({ video:true, audio: audio });

Secondly, I had originally thought that by creating two tracks in the audio stream I would be able to get what I wanted, however I learnt that Chrome’s MediaRecorder API can only output one track, and 2nd, it wouldn’t have worked anyway because tracks are like the DVD mutliple audio tracks in that only one can play at a time.

The solution is probably simple to a lot of people, but it was new to me: Use Web Audio.

It turns out that WebAudio API has createMediaStreamSource and createMediaStreamDestination, both of which are API’s needed to solve the problem. The createMediaStreamSource can take streams from my desktop audio and microphone, and by connecting the two together into the object created by createMediaStreamDestination it gives me the ability to pipe this one stream into the MediaRecorder API.

const mergeAudioStreams = (desktopStream, voiceStream) => {
  const context = new AudioContext();

  // Create a couple of sources
  const source1 = context.createMediaStreamSource(desktopStream);
  const source2 = context.createMediaStreamSource(voiceStream);
  const destination = context.createMediaStreamDestination();

  const desktopGain = context.createGain();
  const voiceGain = context.createGain();

  desktopGain.gain.value = 0.7;
  voiceGain.gain.value = 0.7;

  // Connect source2



The full code can be found on my glitch, and the demo can be found here:

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samueljason13 • Edited on

I am not a specialist in creating screen recording software. I am just a teacher, searching for methods to make my lesson more interactive and informative. If you created a software, maybe could tell me some tip to record videos on Mac. I used a Movavi Screen Recorder , but it does not work on my laptop. Could be a problem with the Ios or version of the Macbook? I would be grateful to get a solution to my problem. I will try your demo; maybe it works. Fingers crossed! Btw is it challenging to learn to program? I wanted to take some courses, but I am not sure of my skills.