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Do you have any laptop desk stand suggestions?

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I've been dealing with some neck pains lately due to the height of my chair in relation to my desk. I'm aware that the ideal height should be to have the top edge of the display aligned with my forehead, but I wonder if that would require me to also get an external keyboard and mouse for my laptop 🤔

I would love to learn from your experience, Mr/Mrs Reader.
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I'm using a simple one from Amazon Basics... cheap, discreet, sturdy, not the most handsome but does the job well. Check it out.


Hey Daniel,

Do you feel the need for an external keyboard and mouse while using this one?


Yes, definitely.
I use this keyboard and this mouse. Both great quality, portable and connect to my MacBook via Bluetooth.

Plus an extra monitor!

I think everyone from our team has the same stand and they seem to like it (Everyone but me, I don't use these)


I love, love, love my Roost! Yes, there are cheaper knockoffs, but I think it's important to support the geniuses that actually invented it. I essentially live on the road - move to a new city every 3-4 months - and I have very few things with me. This stand (and my wireless keyboard and mouse) are worth their weight in gold and have helped me with neck pain. I'm using it right now.

The Roost has three different height levels you can set it to, and if I have a tall enough work surface (think kitchen breakfast bar height), I have an instant standing desk. I bought it right from the company on their website last November on Black Friday and they had a small discount going.


Thanks Stacy,

I think this one is in my top 3 right now! Would you mind sharing which keyboard & mouse you use too?


I have a garbage keyboard and mouse 😭 Made worse by the fact that I flung my mouse across the tile floor a couple months ago and it's never been right since. Trying to hold out buying a replacement until I'm back in the US and I don't have to pay the crazy electronics tariffs here in Mexico.
This is my keyboard. I chose this because of how slim it is and I needed bluetooth. It's a pretty bad keyboard, but not the worst. And this is my garbage mouse. I picked this one again because of how slim it is and I needed bluetooth. It was never very good, but since its grand fling it is actually dangerous (a single click regularly double-clicks). One day I'm going to inadvertently click on something I really shouldn't!


I have this one: Ergonomic Laptop Stand

I mainly use it to have on my desk as the pc/3rd screen and use a keyboard and mouse with it. But it can be adjusted rather well for sitting, standing, tilted etc.


Thanks for the suggestion Ross!

I really like this one because I work remotely sometimes and being able to carry it on my backpack is quite a nice plus.


I don't have any suggestions on height, but... If you've got access to a 3d printer, it's a ton of fun to print your own stand :)


I made my own stand using the lasercutter of a nearby fablab, I think I paid €3/$4 for the wooden panel. This was the result:

Here you can find a couple of designs, free to use/adapt/share... Enjoy!


The only one I've used and can recommend is the mStand.

I didn't consider the Amazon Basics one because they didn't ship it to my country, but I have a feeling they're pretty similar and the only difference might be the build quality. The mStand is pretty sturdy.


Get a monitor and keyboard, or you will ruin your body.
Edit: and a mouse of course. but try to use it as little as possible.


I am using this:
With this I do not need an external keyboard and mouse, although the display height is not exactly aligned to my forehead, but its still better.


A frind of mine has this one: I tried it one time and it was great and very good for mobility too.


Hey Dídac,

Seems like we have a #TeamRoost with @stacy and you recommending the same one 😂

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