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My Thoughts on SuperTokens

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Authentication has been a topic of fascination for me over the last several months. I have been researching all of the available options that I can find. If you follow me on YouTube, then you might have seen my video about authentication methods. Since creating that video, I stumbled upon SuperTokens, and I have to say... I am impressed.

That being said, SuperTokens is for a specific use case—web apps created with create-react-app. Technically, it works with other libraries as well, but I think other options are better for projects built with Gatsby, other JavaScript frameworks, or native applications—At least for now (I am actually a contributor for SuperTokens, and in the future I plan on working on bringing ease-of-use to Gatsby and maybe Expo for native applications).

SuperTokens is good for several reasons:

  • It is simple to set up (with create-react-app).
  • It is open source.
  • You can easily self-host it (I'm working on the CapRover One-Click App).
  • It integrates with your Node.js API.

Some of the (current) drawbacks of SuperTokens include:

  • There are not supported SDKs for other frameworks.
  • There are not supported SDKs for other backends.

Keeping in mind these limitations, this is the perfect use case for SuperTokens:

SaaS web application built with CRA on a subdomain

Let me explain.

You probably do not want to use create-react-app for a landing page because you want to optimize SEO. So instead, you choose Next.js or Gatsby. But those are annoying to build apps in, so you use create-react-app for the app itself. Host the app on and the landing page on Then boom. Easy authentication with better SEO. And your authentication is not bound by vendor lockin because you can selfhost it.

This is my current strategy for TickerTab.

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