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Christopher Kapic
Christopher Kapic

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I created a 🔥blazingly🔥 fast blog template with Astro and NetlifyCMS

This article was written and published on my blog. I did not interact with Medium or except to check that it was republished correctly.

What is Astro Devblog?

A serverless (JAMstack) blog template intended to be deployed to Netlify which republishes articles to Medium and

Read about how to deploy the template for yourself here, or see this YouTube video. Or, better yet, dive into the git repo.

Why Astro?

Astro is the hot new kid on the block, with compelling features like zero JavaScript by default and the Islands architecture.

Previously, I was using 11ty for my blog. However, Astro offers several advantages, including...

  • Islands architecture allows me to incorporate UI frameworks/libraries when necessary or helpful
  • SSR futureproofs my stack

I have not yet rebuilt all of the features associated with my old blog, but I am optimistic that Astro is a good choice for my blog's future. In the near future, I will share the aspects of Astro that I enjoyed, as well as the pieces with which I found frustration. If you're interested in that, consider following me on Dev, Medium, YouTube, and/or Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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