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When I need to prototype a flexbox layout I usually go here first: flexbox.buildwithreact.com

When I need to understand a shell command better: explainshell.com

When I need to make sure a package isn't going to cost me in the dist: bundlephobia.com

Generating visual app workflow docs: mermaidjs.github.io

.browserlistrc helper: browserl.ist

Because I'm weak: vim.rtorr.com/

When I don't want to reinvent the wheel: js.coach


For flexbox I use this one also when needed : codepen.io/enxaneta/full/adLPwv. But yours is awesome!


ngrok.com/ or serveo.net/ so I can expose my local servers to everyone and share my work without having to push to staging environment !


I LOVE ngrok, it has been super useful over the last few months πŸ˜„ thanks for sharing Valentin !


I can't tell unless I could literally mind-read what most other devs think!

Personally, I read reddit (programming sub), quora, HN, FreeCodeCamp, medium, and dev.to, of course. All of them are quite popular so I'm assuming most other devs might be using them too. There are some other quiz, coding contest and pure fun sites too, and some of them are a little less known I believe:

  1. open.kattis.com/
  2. app.codility.com/programmers/chall...
  3. hackerrank.com/dashboard
  4. techgig.com/home
  5. mathsisfun.com/
  6. codechef.com/
  7. pyschools.com/quiz/view_ranking
  8. codingbat.com/
  9. codewars.com/dashboard
  10. mathblog.dk/programming-challenges/

you list looks like mine, all kinds of stuff minus the overflows they are mostly crap overflows, when I see an overflow listed in a google search I avoid it LOL


colorbox.io is an amazing tool for working with colors too.

Fontspark.app is also a very nice tool for types discovering.

Coolors.co is amazing for creating color palettes fast.


Love it, I'll use Fontspark a lot from now on πŸ˜„


I discovered fontspark.app because I was planning to do something similar, is so good that it changed my mind about going on with the project.


justify-content will be the death of my last remaining brain cel

I’m not even going to correct that, that’s what CSS has done to me today


Did you CSS 10 years ago? It made you truly crazy then. The old days lead to caniuse.com


Oups! I wish I known whynopadlock a month ago...


This collection of cheatsheets is great if you want to do something with a tool/library but don't know what it's called! Just reading through the cheatsheets whenever you're free for a few minutes is also incredibly helpful.


Me too every I come up with an awesome app name the #$@#3$ is already taken. LOL


pdfsea.com/ and typeanything.info/ (both self-obvious)
Lightshot browser plugin takes screenshots
Build With browser plugin snoops into site tech - very verbose
AWS Quicklinks browser plugin is self-obvious and saves truckloads of time

This be my 1st post here, nice to meet you


β€’ alligator.io

β€’ css-tricks.com

β€’ flaticon.com

β€’ thenounproject.com

β€’ freepik.com (this & above two are designer-based)

β€’ yoksel.github.io/flex-cheatsheet

β€’ daneden.github.io/animate.css

β€’ bouncejs.com

β€’ dev.mozilla.org

β€’ snapsvg.io

β€’ popmotion.io

β€’ codepen.io

... are quite useful. πŸ˜‰


There are also some YouTube channels I visit for inspirational/educational purposes, with one of my favorites being β€œRed Stapler.” :)


devdocs.io is the greatest aggregator of documentation I've ever seen.



Zeal is a must-have tool for me, it helps me download documentation of various programming languages and libraries, so I don't waste my precious data for searching around the internet on specific language or library documentation.


I use Dash which inspired Zeal but yeah the combo of Alfred and Dash/Zeal is almost like a muscle tic for me at this point.


10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design

If your job is anything like mine, sometimes you are given vague requirements without any input from a design expert on how the interface should work. These guidelines aren't a silver bullet that will help you create great interfaces, but they can prevent you from making common mistakes that lead to horrible user experiences.


A couple of (maybe) lesser-known tools I use for web dev:

Hosts.cx - Creates a pseudo url for viewing in-development websites when the URL is pointing somewhere else (like an existing website)

Meyerweb URL Decoder - Makes text and js URL-friendly. Helpful for custom fields.

OWASP Cheatsheet - Good resource for anything about web security. They have a simple pen-testing tool for websites too called ZAP


Find the most used resources in the the project

Bootstrap snippets - bbbootstrap.com/snippets
Material Design color codes - bbbootstrap.com/colors
Material Design icons - bbbootstrap.com/mdicons
Font awesome icons - bbbootstrap.com/faicons


Flexbox Cheatsheet by @JoniTrythall

I also recently found:


Ruby Koans

This helped me learn Ruby and learn to write tests all at once. Most of the Ruby devs I've mentioned it to don't know about it, though.


Neilsen’s Usability Heuristics. I’m no Ui designer, but with this I can have some confidence that my software isn’t a complete pain to use



httpbin.org is very nice for the early stages of testing an API client.


Fish. The resource I've regularly used to replenish my storages with Omega-3. It does wonders for my memory.


My first thought was the Linux shell fish, what has to do a shell with storage and WTF is Omega-3 a theme? plugin?...

what's wrong with me!?

I'm gonna turn off the computer now and go out, thank you very much.


I use transfer.sh to transfer small files from shell to anywhere when scp is not available (creates a download link).

Don't use IT to transfer sensitive information though.


youtube actually seems to be pretty helpful for some things. Gitter is good too. Find a room for the language or software you use and ask away.

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