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Taxi App Development: Features & Cost

The recent advancement in technology and more and more reliance on the internet have made on-demand services a way of life. Even my 80-year-old grandma knows how to call a taxi on her phone. This is the reason that an increasing number of businesses are rushing to invest in the taxi app business. But how much is the investment needed? We will talk about the taxi app development features and cost in this blogpost. Take your tea, sit back and read. Maybe just this text will be the beginning of a new business.

Reasons to Build a Taxi Booking App For Your Business

There are various reasons why businesses should consider building a taxi booking app. Businesses often consider Uber-like app development as Uber has won a name in the industry. But it is not necessary to have all the features Uber has. Your taxi app may be innovative and new.
So, why is taxi app development necessary? One thing is that the taxi mobile apps help in making new customers, revenues, or overall growth. If your build your credibility, your business will become a transparent, rich-featured medium for the driver and customer.
Is it possible to reach all these goals without building a brand? Not exactly! Today, Uber is so popular with offices in more than 10,000 cities around the world only because it invested so much into brand awareness. If you ignore all the benefits of taxi app development, just brand awareness is a reason for building a taxi booking app. Uber-like app development or any taxi app development? Doesn’t matter! Just emphasize credibility, serve customers with unmatched service and build trust around your app. These are the prerequisites of success for taxi apps.

Monetization for Taxi App Development

Eventually, you want to make money from your taxi app. There are a number of ways to monetize your taxi app. Here are some:


You need to charge drivers a portion of their earnings. The trick is to charge an amount that is competitive in the market and yet generate revenue. You can charge by percentage or a flat fee.

Various fees

You can charge booking fees services fees, security fees, etc. For example, Uber charges passengers a flat booking fee.

Cancellation fees

This is not very common but some app owners prefer to charge customers for canceling the ride. While this is a source of revenue, it may annoy some of your customers. So, test the product before you decide to include this in your monetization program.


Again, this is a very subtle issue. Advertising may annoy your customers so it should be done in a way not to take away from the user experience.
Features and Tech Stack of Taxi App

Image description
There are also some advanced features that will add value to your app. Consult this list:

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Your developers also need to know the right tech stack that is best for your project.
Some tech considerations include:

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Cost and Timeline of Taxi App Development

Now we came to an important question ''how much does a taxi app development cost''.
I must disappoint you at this point as there is no ready-made answer to this question. The cost depends on several factors, like the number of features and hours needed to develop, and the geography of the developers. However, if you know the cost of these factors separately, it will be easier to calculate your total app cost.
First, let's take the number of hours needed. Here is the breakdown:

  • UX UI design: 200 hours
  • Front-end app development – 450 hours
  • Backend development – 200 hours
  • Web development – 200 hours
  • Testing & QA – 200 hours

It means you need a total of 1250 hours of work to develop an app with average features.
Now let's get to the geography. This is an important factor as developers in various locations charge different rates. Here is a breakdown:

  • US - $150 – $250 per hour
  • Eastern European region - $40 – $150 per hour
  • India - $10 – $80 per hour Of course, the final cost estimate will be provided by your development team. But knowing these, you can have a preliminary estimate on your own.

Wrapping up

Uber-like app development is not only about an investment of time and money. The taxi-hailing service is evolving rapidly. The world is adopting cheaper and more convenient solutions for transportation, including the adoption of autonomous vehicles which exclude the driver. So, your task is to look ahead. An important point here is to find a reliable taxi app development company that thinks ahead technologically.

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