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Linked List For (!Dummies)

chrisdevcode profile image ChrisAchinga ・1 min read

Linked List For (!Dummies)

I started off #100DaysOfCode on the 1st of January 2020 and hit the Linked List topic without looking back.

It is an interesting Data Structure and to be honest, I still am working on it.

So I'll explain what I have understood on LinkedList in a few paragraphs as I continue working on real examples.

What is a Linked List?

It's a collection of data in a linear structure, and the order of the data isn't determined by their physical order.

A linked list contains Nodes. A Node is a piece of data in the linked list.

In each node is a head (the content/data) and a reference or link to the next Node.


Want to learn more about Linked List?

Check out the links below:

Wikipedia - In dept explanation

Geeks For Geeks - Linked lists

Tutorialspoint - Linked Lists

JavaScript Algorithms - -Github

Linked List Data Structure | JavaScript - Video By Traversy Media


Go get the skill!!

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