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New online IDE + JS framework - demo! - FE developers, I need your feedback

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Here is a TodoMVC demo of an online IDE I've been recently working on: Demo

This article begins series of tutorials meant to explain rationales behind the design decisions we've made and eventually form a proper documentation. For now, just play, check out live preview, don't be scared to break it 😉

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Bear in mind it's a prototype which still requires a lot of work. There are features that don't work or are missing. Also, I'm aware of performance improvements which need to take place. These all costs our time and effort, hence we're running a Kickstarter campaign. Much ❤️ for your backing.

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Great work. I got a sublime first look. Intentional?


thanks, we wanted to keep it not too far away from what ppl already know 😃


If that the case i would prefer VSC layout. For example as stackblitz . Just a thought

We might go this direction, it's still unfinished and the feedback like yours is very valuable for us. The thing is that here there is no such concepts as files, so e.g. there is no need for the file explorer. Instead you type HTML with directives and things appear in the top drop-downs so you know what needs to be implemented. Similarly you can reference action in your event handlers which don't exist yet and they will be pregenerated for you. So... we can afford very simplistic UI. Anyway, definitely we will be improving on the UI.


Awesome, great work.
The live preview link isn't working. Can you check that once?


thanks 😃, it might be because the initial data seeding happens when navigating to the IDE. Obviously it's for the purpose of the demo. So, just navigate to the IDE and then either open the link or click on the pinkish eye icon in the IDE 😉


Yeah that worked.
But amazing work 🙌
Will keep checking for open issues in the repo, I’ll try my best to fix a few.

actually you were right... the link was missing query params, just edited the article. Thanks!


Great! Wow, I love its look. ❤️


Great work. Really like it. Keep it up.