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Can you write interactive websites with HTML only? - f**k yeah!

Lead JS full-stack engineer and co-owner of GlueCodes
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GlueCodes Platform - Implementation Assistant

Well, this is copy from our website:

"In-context code generation lets you code more while typing less. Without leaving the page HTML editor you may write a functional prototype with all the JavaScript auto-generated for you. With Implementation Assistant, you can easily navigate to app’s actions which might require customisation, keeping you focused and on track."

What it means is, you type or paste HTML, add to it few attribute directives and JS gets generated for you. What's cool, the generated action contain test data parsed from the HTML e.g. if you have a UL tag with some LIs, an action contains all the data and HTML gets converted to Virtual DOM.

Do you think it's useful, and does the content from my website cover what I just wrote?

More details here:

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