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Chris Achard • Edited on

The best advice I can give is this: make it clear that you understand what you're hiring for, and what I'm good at, before reaching out. After that, the actual type of outreach doesn't matter as much.

I've had recruiters try to talk to me about Java jobs before, when I have absolutely 0 professional java experience. It was clear they were just trying to contact as many people as possible, regardless of what their background was.

Instead, do research about the person, do research about the company, and try to do some pre-matching. I know, it would be a ton of extra work, but you'd get MUCH better results.

Example, compare these two experiences:

  1. An email out of the blue about some technology I don't have experience with, saying they have a vague "opportunity" for me... 🙄


  1. A message about a blog post I wrote, and how company X just implemented the same thing, and why that means I might be a fit for exciting role Y.

Number 2 will at least probably get a response from me (even if it's a "no thank you"), but #1 will just go straight to email trash.

... hope that helps! In general I think that recruiters (good ones!) provide a very valuable matching service - but recruiters that just mass email about totally unrelated technologies ruin it for the rest of you :)

Good luck!

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Nina Elisabeth Berge

Thank you so much, Chris. Very helpful, and I totally agree. Glad to hear that we can provide valuable matching service, and I will put my hours in to make sure I do my research before I reach out. Again, thank you :)