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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Sprint 2 — Monday

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Let Agile be your Guide!

A common issue Agile teams run into in the first few sprints is adding too much functionality too soon. The impact of this is that teams getting stuck implementing technical details and hitting issues before they are needed.

Keep in mind that the MVP process, supported by an Agile methodology, builds a working product in each sprint. In early sprints your product will be very simplistic, but each sprint iterates to build on the work you completed in previous sprints.

The product you deliver at the end of each sprint doesn’t have to be perfect , but it does need to deliver some functionality.

It’s okay if the product you deliver at the end of Sprint 2 consists of a project structure, the basic technical stack, and a basic landing page. This gives you something you can expand in Sprint 3 and beyond.

That’s actually a great starting point since it lets team members add new features to a common foundation.

The diagram below shows the level of complexity in the project at the end of each sprint.

When you have questions or encounter problems you can always seek help from your teammates.

Remember the goal isn’t to reach your goal individually — it’s to achieve success together!

Before you Go!

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