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Building your Backlog

Sprint 1 — Thursday

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Sprint 1 is the busiest and most confusing time in your project. There’s a lot to learn and get done. So much so that it can feel like you are “drinking from a firehose”!

Did you catch the fact that deciding on a project and defining your MVP includes building a task backlog?

The backlog is your continually evolving set of steps the team follows to reach your MVP. It’s evolving because Agile methodology, unlike waterfall methodologies, divides the project into iterable Sprints that are focused on refining the backlog, designing, developing, testing, and deploying small units of functionality.

Each unit of functionality is built on the functionality deployed in the prior Sprint. Agile lets the team focus on “doing the right thing at the right time”. Refactoring is a byproduct of this since you’ll be continuously adding and improving.

Finally, remember that part of being successful is to review and refine your backlog as you discover problems and identify new features in each sprint.

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