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Is your team taking time to Reflect?

Sprint 3 — Saturday

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An important part of the Agile process and the Scrum methodology is taking the time as a team to reflect on how you work together to determine how the team can improve.

The process of reflecting is carried out as part of a retrospective in which the team examines what worked (“glowed”), what needs improvement (“growed”), and is there anything that should be discarded (“throwed”)?

The retrospective is a team effort that should give every team member the opportunity to provide their feedback, it should be objective and dispassionate, and it should be clear and concise. The most productive retrospectives aren’t lengthy meetings!

Improvement doesn’t take place once. It happens in each each Sprint

Since project work takes place over a number of sprints it’s best to view this as an iterable activity. Adopt a mindset of improving your workflow over each sprint rather than all at once!

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