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Has Reality Punched you in the Nose?

Sprint 4 — Tuesday

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Something every software project faces is that reality sometimes rears its ugly head and punches you right in the nose!

Every team and every team member have moments of uncertainty when their project doesn’t go as planned. This could be the result of a technical problem, a team issue, or the realization that the project is just too complex to complete in the remaining sprints.

Emotions are part of the human experience, but don’t let them dictate your future

But uncertainty doesn’t mean failure is a certainty!!! Uncertainty is your signal to pause, evaluate the situation, and adjust your project. This might be as simple as just asking for help on a technical issue, or it may be removing or trimming the number of features in your project backlog so you can complete your MVP (aka managing scope).

Emotions are part of the human experience, but don’t let them dictate your future. Take a fact-based approach to dealing with what reality throws at you to find the best solution with less stress.

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