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Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 122

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

πŸ”₯ Congratulations to @silentdev on the BIG news!

πŸ”₯ Here is an npm package @zumdewald made!

Intl-date: Easily get useful date-related information using JavaScript Intl.

πŸ”₯ Check out this neat Trivia app made by @tomlikeabomb.

πŸ”₯ Here are some resources from last week’s Roundtable discussion on GraphQL:

Overheard in Chingu

Bob is our resident expert so he can give a dissertation

Reading about Five whys

Toyota also used Andon Cords

I just talked to IKEA customer service (after waiting 2 hours on phone).

I will occasionally trash node modules folder, forget, then freak out for a second when seeing β€œ347,820” items being deleted when emptying the trash…

Is there a way to specify you want all the attributes?

β€œHere’s what happened next” Someone watching a bit too much Youtube clickbait, eh?

I have an iMac for work. I cracked it open, installed a new SSD and upgraded the ram to 16gb

has anyone here had experience with DataLoader for GraphQL??

just avoiding that Danish stuff, eh

Technically, Windows is an old norse word, which was added to English when vikings ruled some part of England. so technically, technically .. Windows is a norse (/danish) brand

i’ll have you know there is folgers in my cup

I have some sugar cookie tea to try

I slept poorly last night, but after a short nap I’m ready to start writing some code again

Resources of the Week

Illustrated notes on fixing git mistakes

Quote to Go

Before you Go!

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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