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Are you showing up for your Team?

Sprint 4 — Friday

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The start of a team project comes with a lot of excitement and energy. But as it progresses some of the novelty wears off and we notice that team members sometimes loose some of their enthusiasm.

In this respect it’s just like starting a new job. You eager at the beginning because it’s something new and unique, but over time it becomes routine.

Do you want to be an active participant or merely a spectator?

In the middle sprints we often see team members who don’t engage with the rest of the team, don’t complete the tasks they’ve agreed to finish, and don’t show up for team meetings. These are danger signals for the team since they directly impact your ability to finish your project.

As a team member you’ve made a commitment to not just finish your project, but to do so in a way that you can use the experience when you interview for jobs.

It’s important to your career to be able to point to all of your projects as proof that you are:

  1. Results-oriented and dedicated to finishing what you start
  2. Investing in improving your knowledge and value as a Developer
  3. Committed to being not just a great Developer, but an active team member
  4. A leader and not just a follower

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