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Sustainable Careers in Cloud Computing

chiamakaezeoke profile image Ezeoke Chiamaka ・2 min read

Looking towards joining the cloud computing ecosystem? Wondering how this sustainable this ecosystem is? You are in the right place. The cloud has a big room for everyone. There are so many diverse roles you can play on the cloud.

Here is a list of top cloud computing skills that might interest you:

- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence(AI):
Cloud computing in AI can be implemented in cognitive computing, chat bots, business intelligence, Internet of Things and many more.
Cognitive computing involves capabilities such as natural language processing, speech/object recognition, human-computer interaction and narrative generation.
Some tools to begin with include Google AI Platform, Tensorflow, Google Colabs, Amazon Machine Learning on Amazon Web Service and many more.

- Database management: With this, you will be responsible for ensuring smooth data flow. You will ensure that there is an adequate storage plan that suits the needs of the company. Another important function is ensuring a strong back-up system for data recovery in the case of data loss or a disaster.

- DevOps Management: You are responsible for continuous integration and delivery while development & operations team work on the cloud.

- Cloud Support: This team is responsible for ensuring users and customers are satisfied. With this skill; you are the first line of contact when there is a complaint from the user or organization making use of the cloud service.

- Cloud Engineering: You are involved with designing systems with the use of cloud resources to solve business problems. You govern the end-to-end iteration of cloud development and delivery. You also manage the general process flow in solving the problem.

- Cloud Security: You are responsible for ensuring that systems
are highly secured to ensure safety of your clients and users.

All these skills can be found on various cloud service providers like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Mircosoft Azure and many more. On the long run; these careers are sustainable but with continuous evolution. This calls for continuous learning and constant updates.

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