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SOLID Principles

S (Single Responsibility Principle):
A Class should have only one responsibility. Ex: User class should have functions only related to users.

O (Open/Closed Principle):
Open for extension but closed for modification. Means create interface and then extend it to new and old classes but don't change the old class.

L (Liskov Substitution Principle):
If class B is a subtype of class A then we should be able to replace the object of A with B without breaking the behaviour. Means subclass should extend the capabilities of parent class not narrow it down (If base class have 3 capabilities/functions then subclass should have at least 3 capabilities/functions).

I (Interface Segmented Principle):
Interface should have only necessary functions for subclasses.

D (Dependency Inversion Principle):
Class should depend on interfaces rather than concrete classes. Means always create an object of the interface.

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