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It's Quokka.

I found the answer on the instructor's GitHub page, here:


Does it say what the // and //? Is? I’m on mobile, and the full readme isn’t loading.
On my Mac and Windows, I see neither // nor //? to begin with.


So actually, I didn't know about it until today. I just spotted the extension listed on that GitHub page.

Fortunately, I could never let a good mystery go to waste.


The page is chock-full of video animations, including some showing how to use the comments.

Actually, the extension seems pretty amazing.

Cool, I find it in doc. Live Feedback.

//? is in the pro version.

Free version is fun and useful.


Quokka can give hint, but how to get "//?" effect?


// is a symbol for a single-line comment in JavaScript. My best guess is for like line 9, what he is trying to imply is he is adding a short documentation for the expected result.

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