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IMBA is not MBA

IMBA is a new web language. As the introduction on the site Scrimba is developed with IMBA.

Following is the code for Todo sample, clear to follow.

tag Todo < li
    def ontap
        data:completed = !data:completed

    def render
        <self .done=data:completed> data:title

tag App
    def addItem
        if @input.value
            data.push(title: @input.value)
            @input.value = ""

    def render
            <form.header :submit.prevent.addItem>
                <input@input type='text'>
                <button> 'add'
            <ul> for item in data

var items = []
Imba.mount <App[items]>

Sample code of its site:

Imba.mount <nav#hero ->
    <a href='/guides'> "Get started"
    <a.github href=linkToGitHub> "GitHub"

I don't know what is MBA here. Go look IMBA.

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Alexander Alemayhu

have you had a look at Imba v2? If not, you have been missing out on some amazing stuff.