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Chathumi Kumarapeli
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JAVA Basics #2 - IntelliJ IDEA

Before writing programs in java, you need to have a special programming environment installed in your machine. Here we are going to install IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated development environment developed by a company named JetBrains. It is largely meant for Java hence it is mainly used for the development of java programs.

Prior to installing you need to make sure that your system have all the requirements needed for the intellij idea. First visit this link and scroll down till you reach 'System requirements'.
alt text3

After making sure that you have all the system requirements, head to this link.
Here I'm going to install the community version which is shown in the below image.
alt text

It'll take few minutes for the download. Once it is done double click and open the downloaded file. Then proceed further to finish the installation process.
alt text22

alt text23
Now restart your machine.

After that open the intellij idea. First you will see a window like this;
alt text24
When you accept the user agreement and click the 'Continue', you are ready to start programming in java.
You will be able to write your first java program with the help of our next article. :)

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