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Weekend Hacking -- What Projects Are You Working on This Weekend?

chasestevens profile image Chase Stevens ・1 min read

Happy Friday, dev.to!

We all have interests and areas that we want to explore, and we also have obligations during the week. The weekend is a great time to carve out some time for yourself, learn something new, explore a new idea, or work on your side project.

This weekend, I'm working on a blog post explaining the Ruby on Rails Model-View-Controller architecture using a restaurant as an analogy. I've also signed up for a Python open hacking session on Saturday morning. My idea right now is to make something like a chat client, but instead of talking to a friend or coworker, you talk to a wise and mentoring rubber duck who will help you debug your code.

I wanted to reach out and see what everyone else is up to -- what are you going to be hacking on this weekend?

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I think this weekend is dedicated to working on my personal website, or starting it I should say!

I also started down the journey of picking up Ruby, so I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the MVC architecture of RoR. Happy hacking :)


Awesome! My personal website is just plain ol' HTML and CSS but there are 100 ways to go about it! Gatsby has a ton of great docs and performs really well, and Jekyll would help you make your website and be another step in your Ruby journey!


I've mostly worked with React and Gatsby, but I'll definitely look into Jekyll. Thank you for the advice!


I'll be working on tsearch.io. A search "engine" for TypeScript functions. PoC is ready and now I have to start making real improvements.

I started a dev.to series about it two weeks ago.


That's awesome! Glad to hear the proof of concept is ready (although that can be the most fun part to build).


It was the easier, that for sure. The stuff that's coming seems harder 😂


I'm still new in the dev space. I've watched a lot of videos on HTML, CSS and JS, but no project to show for it. This weekend, I want to start working on something. However, I have no idea what to start working on. I also want to build my CV and portfolio, but I've got no projects and experience. I need help on all these.


The best way to learn is by just doing, and a great place to start is by building something you want to use! Even if it's something that has already been made a million times, and something that you don't really expect anyone else will use, it's just so satisfying to use a tool that you built yourself.

As an example, I play a lot of board games, and I love to make small scorekeeping apps such as this one. It's a simple concept but with enough complexity for me to learn. Making a scorekeeper is my go-to for learning a new language or framework, which is much more interesting than the standard to-do list or weather widget apps!


The world's your oyster! If you want to dive right in, I'd recommend Free CodeCamp's Web Design Projects to serve as a starting point. You can also refer back to their lessons if you need a refresher!


I'm working on creating an Orchid plugin to generate Groovy doc sites!

The first step is hooking into the Groovydoc model to get some JSON, and then Orchid can make it pretty like it already does for Java, Kotlin, and Swift.


Very cool! I'm always interested in seeing how all the static site generators from different languages (Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Orchid) stack up against each other performance wise. Here's to the new site!


Orchid is still quite young and I haven't done much perf optimization yet, so Gatsby and Hugo definitely are the top winners here. But Orchid has an advantage over Jekyll with large sites, as Jekyll tends to get really slow after a few hundred pages while Orchid's architecture actually improves build performance with larger sites.

You can see some actual numbers in Orchid's Netlify deploy logs. The latest build did about 500 pages in ~80 seconds, with median page generation times are at 11ms (hugo is <1ms). Definitely not winning any awards there, but certainly good enough for code doc sites integrated into a CI pipeline!

Good to know! Maybe next weekend I should mess around with Go and Hugo


Banished a pesky dependency after achieving output parity with it.
Got to delete a lot of code. Feels good.
You probably don't wanna see. It's gruesome.


I've got a Package Tracker personal project that I might work on a bit this weekend! It's a Ruby on Rails app that (optionally) looks in your Gmail for any Tracking Numbers and add them to the system. Then it sends you notifications any time your package moves, and a dashboard of any upcoming packages!
Been alive with me as the only User, so working on getting a better frontend and squashing some bugs before I go out and find some more Users!


Working on slim launcher. I wanna rollout a beta soon. I'm learning how to use ConstraintsSet and TransitionManager to animate a swipe gesture. I'm just struggling with a few details that I have to figure out this weekend


Since my daily job is kind of quiet I will:

  1. Start a new series on writing a data validation library in Python, just to show how to use metaclasses and descriptors.
  2. Close some feature branches in kenobi, my implementation of a Python Language Server for Emacs and Vim users

Sounds like a plan! Have fun : )


Doing some yak-shaving on older projects and made a few PRs for the Perl static-analyzer (Perl::Critic). Luckily for me, the following week is winter holiday so I can continue spending working on project. Planning to make progress on either my first Rust project or a Vue-Perl-Mojolicious integration prototype I have been thinking a lot about...


I fixed my Netlify builds tonight. I had been meaning to fix what was under Github Pages and was using their domain settings to get back to working as expected using Netlify builds and domain management. Did that!

Next up is putting my initial work on my grad school Capstone project on Github

ItsASine / pokemon-data-analysis

SAS analysis using Pokemon as a dataset


SAS analysis using Pokemon as a dataset

I've done the data gathering and cleaning, so I have that available. Third step for the weekend is to start looking at doing the data viz component.


I was going to try learning some C in the context of low level hardware programming, bare metal, etc. I also wanted to do something like make a simple USB driver for Linux, since I’ve seen some tutorials on this.


That sounds cool! Definitely a level deeper than I've ever dived down into. Would love to see the results and learn how a USB driver work.


I'll be on a little vacation this weekend so nothing intense, but I may take some time to mess around with some new stuff. Maybe a bit of Python, a bit of Rust, and I've been also meaning to dive into some Google Cloud magic APIs including some Tensorflow stuff.

No real coding mode because I'm looking for a break, but I will be following my curiosity. 😄


You've earned it! Maybe one day we'll have AI-written dev.to posts :)


The site looks great! Are you working on a new feature or making performance improvements?



It's a custom file server that allows you to whitelist access to folders/files using OAuth2. Been working on it since December and it's coming along nice! 😄


Got Argo CD on K8s cluster, now I want to play some ci/cd with it for fun. Just to see what all it can do.


I am just about to finish my personal website. I am using Hugo to build it. There are some kinks that i had figure out but mostly i am hoping to launch it before the weekend ends.


Studying Python and Google Firebase for personal projects.
I'd like to migrate some static websites from my clients to GCloud awesome Hosting.


I started hacking with Swift+Ios Development. In addition I'm working on github.com/theodesp/go-leetcode


Nice! Sometime in the not-too-distant future, I'd want to play around with AR using Swift.


I am going to be working on an issue for the emberjs website. Trying to pick up some more ember knowledge, by helping to migrate some pages from a separate app.


Working on hosting a project with Heroku, and attending a Python Conference all weekend. Always wanted to learn and I love me a conference! ☺️


I will work on my Trello like Application using Angular, MongoDB and Node.Js
It's a way for me to improve my Angular Skills.
You can check the Project here (github.com/StereoPT/gBoards)