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How To Create a Video Streaming Website like Netflix

Demand for video streaming websites keeps on increasing. After this coronavirus pandemic, many business people have started looking to create Video streaming websites like Netflix. Many people have started watching movies online on Netflix, like video streaming sites. If you are running a business related to the entertainment sector, Building one video platform like Netflix is the best move to stay ahead of the curve

"The video market is projected to experience significant growth, with its estimated global value expected to surpass $125 billion by the year 2025 - App Solutions".

Have you ever thought about why Netflix is such a successful video streaming website ? It's because of its quick access to a massive and exclusive content library, as well as a great user interface that keeps viewers hooked on the platform. Is it possible to establish a VOD platform comparable to or even better than Netflix, even though the streaming giant has altered the way people consume material online? Well, there's no harm in giving it a shot! Here is the blog that tells how to create video streaming website like Netflix

How does Netflix make money?

There are two primary factors contributing to Netflix's success. Firstly, Netflix possesses a huge and diverse digital asset portfolio, acknowledged as the top-tier video library among all OTT platforms. By pioneering the creation of original content, Netflix transformed the online streaming industry, ensuring its shows become global favorites with dedicated fan bases.

Secondly, Netflix's straightforward yet impactful video subscription plans—basic, standard, and premium—cater to different consumer segments, facilitating the generation of consistent and recurring revenue.

How to create a video streaming website like to Netflix

1. Choose a niche:

You must first decide what kind of content you want to display to your audience before launching your VOD site. While entertainment platforms that offer popular TV shows and films are more popular, video platforms that offer specialist content such as documentaries, travel, health, and beauty quickly gain traction with viewers. It's also an excellent idea to create an exclusive video streaming service for kids, including cartoons and developing TV series.

2. Licensing of Content

If you want to present documentaries, films, or TV episodes to your audience, you'll need to get licensed content first. However, if you wish to add original content to your video library,
You can license your content in two ways:
You can rent the content directly from a distributor who is authorized to do so, or you can contact the copyright owners directly.
If you want to compete with the streaming juggernaut, you'll have to spend billions on content licensing. According to Investopedia, Netflix spent around $13 billion on content licensing and production in 2021.

3.Select a reputable video streaming platform provider:

Selecting a competent white-label video streaming service provider to help promote, market, and monetize your VoD content is the first step in developing a magnificent Netflix-style video streaming platform. Adaptive bitrate streaming, bulk upload, multi-CDN, cloud transcoding, DRM, monetization, payment gateways, and other capabilities are only available through an enterprise-grade OVP.

Naturally, if you want to establish a streaming service similar to Netflix, you'll need to incorporate several features to make your VOD platform stand out. However, engaging developers to include such features would make the process take longer and be more expensive in the long run. Investing in a cloud video streaming service provider that already has an all-inclusive, fully equipped website to launch your video streaming platform with exclusive in-built features would be a wiser move.


Netflix has single-handedly championed personalization in the OTT space. Netflix has transformed the concept of giving a personalized video streaming experience, from generating bespoke film previews to employing inventive artwork.
To compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, you'll need to create a VOD platform that is suited to your users' preferences. To personalize their interfaces, practically all OTT platforms invest in an AI-based recommendation engine that suggests content based on a user's viewing history. Collecting data such as what type of content is being watched or how long a user views, what kind of device is being used for watching, and so on might provide a tailored suggestion function. Curating content based on a user's viewing habits will allow them to savour it in a more engaging and fulfilling way.

5.Compatibility with multiple devices

According to Statista, people watch videos on their phones for an average of 16 minutes every day. If you want to design a website like Netflix, you'll need to support all platforms: smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and so on. Viewers wish to use video streaming platforms to provide an accessible, flexible content consumption experience as they switch from one device to another, given the proliferation of new devices on the market and the rise of mobility. For the best consumer pleasure, your VOD platform should be multi-device compatible.

6.Models of Monetization

Launching a new video company based on the Netflix model does not guarantee rapid success. You must be willing to devote at least a few years to make your business profits to get consistent monthly revenue. You'd have to figure out what kind of content monetization approach you want to use first:

Subscription based model (SVOD)
If you want to make subscriptions available, you can charge a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. But don't forget to offer your audience a free trial so they can try out your VOD platform before deciding whether or not they want to pay for it.
Ad based Model (AVOD)
AVoD is a video monetization model that generates revenue by inserting advertisements within the video. If you want to put adverts on your video material, you can do so in the form of skippable or non-skippable pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.
Transaction-Based Model (TVOD)
Transactional Video on Demand allows your customers to pay for the specific video they wish to see rather than paying a recurrent monthly price for access to a large library of content. This business model allows customers to make a one-time payment for access to premium content.
The type of monetization model you select is entirely dependent on your company's needs. Subscriptions are, without a doubt, the most extensively used payment plan among VOD platforms.

7.Additional setting:

Library of videos - Create personal libraries based on 'viewed' history, 'watch later,' 'downloads,' 'favourites,' and 'liked videos' for your viewers to savour their best video experiences – creating personal libraries based on 'viewed' history, 'watch later,' 'downloads,' 'favourites,' and 'liked videos' creates an amazing UX for your customers. You may also add an 'expiring' category (similar to Hulu) to indicate which episodes should be prioritized on your watch list.

Video player - A well-designed video player will go a long way toward establishing that connection with your audience. Basic user interface controls should be strategically positioned in the player. For example, pause/rewind buttons should be put in the centre of the screen, with the rest of the controls set apart.

Interactive features - Some interactive elements engage your audience and help them better connect with the information. Allow them to like/dislike videos, review and rate them, provide comments, start a live chat, and so on.

Conclusion :

I hope you now have a clear picture on how to create a video streaming website like Netflix. It would help if you recognized that there is no magic formula for creating a VoD platform, and it is tough to attain sudden popularity comparable to Netflix. The OTT market will continue to expand, and the ecosystem that supports it will also adapt. To keep up with the changing dynamics, you'll need to continue developing new features to keep your audience interested in your platform.

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Padma Priya M

I was doing lots of research on which platform to consider to build a video streaming website like Netflix. Thanks for sharing this blog. I found a similar article related to this topic: How to build video streaming website like netflix

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Praveen • Edited

Things to Consider When Building a Netflix-like Video Streaming Platform is a good blog to read.
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Very nicely said and hope these points does clarify on how to create a video streaming website like netflix. The reason why many businesses have started it is because there have been lot of revenue generated through it and the revenue is going to increase further. By the years to come we can see lot more competition even in this business

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HariBabu G

Many days I have been searching for video streaming platform providers to build video streaming websites like netflix. I found this blog very helpful.

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Fantastic website! It also assists me in understanding How to Create a Netflix-similar Video Streaming Platform, but I would like to propose that you take a look at Flicknexs

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