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Top 10 Important Features required in an OTT Video CMS Platform

Businesses using On-Demand video content and live video streaming under marketing strategy to promote products or services are very profitable. These massive chunks of data will create problems regarding storage, security and management of content. To solve this issue, this is where Video CMS comes into play. Video CMS effectively manages video content in an OTT platform and delivers video content to end users without any delay. Video CMS simplifies the management and distribution of video content in an OTT platform. In this blog, we will go through the top 10 important features required in an OTT Video CMS Platform

What Is a Video Content Management System (CMS)?

A video content management system, often known as a video streaming CMS, is a centralized dashboard that allows streaming services to store, organize, and manage videos securely. The elements of a content management system (CMS) are specifically developed to make the container handling process easier for the top OTT platforms. Here is the list of the top 10 important features required in an OTT Video CMS Platform

Top 10 features for an OTT Video CMS Platform

1. Smart Upload

Single/ Bulk Videos - What if we told you that you could upload your videos in a flash? Yes, Flicknexs video CMS allows you to submit video clips individually or in bulk with a single click. You may also utilize the drag-and-drop tool to make the process even easier.
Import Content Library - When a huge amount of content needs to be uploaded to the OTT platform, there are alternatives to import an entire video library.
Third-Party Import Options - Regardless of where the information is kept, whether it's on a distant server or a third-party cloud driver like Dropbox, quick upload and transcoding is still feasible.

2. Organize A Live Stream

The ultimate goal of live streaming is to reach real-time audiences. Users will only be present to watch your content on any given day if they are aware of your live stream.
As a result, our CMS dashboard allows you to arrange live videos for a specific date and time to increase user interaction. Audiences will be notified with a countdown timer of the actual event scheduled. This also increases FOMO (fear of missing out) among your viewers, boosting the likelihood of watching the live stream.

3. Easy Categorization

OTT platforms must organize their videos so that viewers can find the content they want quickly. The "categorize menu" on the CMS dashboard in Flicknexs allows you to manage video files effectively. You can use this feature to create categories of your choosing, add thumbnail photos, and build subcategories based on the hierarchy.

4. User-created playlists

This option is all about allowing a user to create his playlist. Every video includes an "Add to Playlist" button that, when clicked, allows the user to add it to an existing playlist or build a new one based on his preferences. The actions that an end-user can do are as follows:

  • Assemble playlists
  • Create playlists with videos
  • Change the names of your playlists
  • Take videos out of playlists
  • Remove all playlists

5. Management of Metadata

Greater visibility comes with excellent metadata management. As a result, you can optimize the metadata of your videos, including URLs, tags, descriptions, and anything else needed to help you drive more visitors by ranking well in Google searches. Here you will find the most effective SEO methods.

6. Multiple Media Formats are Supported

Converting every video file before uploading to your video streaming platform is a lot of work and nearly impossible to do, especially if you have a large content library. As a result, our dashboard supports various video formats, including MP4, M4V, AVI, MPEG-DASH, H.265 Codec, and H.264 Codec, to make things easier for content owners.

7. Video Captioning That Is Customized

Adding closed captions to your movies is beneficial in various ways, from improving accessibility to increasing watch time. As a result, depending on your target audiences, our CMS dashboard allows you to add closed captions to your videos in any language. On the user side, users can turn CC on and off and customize the caption size, colour, font, and positioning.

8. Sub-Admin Groups can be created

It can be exhausting for an administrator to manage the full material library independently. What if we told you that you could create sub-admin groups to undertake specific duties on your platform, cutting your workload in half? Yes, you may become a super-admin and delegate authority to sub-admins by assigning roles like a publisher, administrator, and moderator to sub-admins based on business needs.

9. Management of User Profiles

User profiles are usually established when people fill out the sign-up form with their personal information. However, you may also build user profiles from the backend utilizing this straightforward dashboard's "Create Customer" option. This implies that administrators can insert new customers' names, e-mail addresses, and other information into the database.

10. Keep tabs on video analytics.

With OTT competition becoming more fierce by the day, it's more important than ever for a VOD streaming app to retain users by keeping them hooked on your content. And you can only do this in practice if you produce videos that your target viewers want to be based on the data you've gathered.
Flicknex's dashboard provides data on the following aspects to assist business owners in evaluating video performance.

  • The number of times a video has been viewed
  • Total time spent watching
  • The average percentage of people who watched
  • Videos with the most views
  • Videos with the most comments
  • Viewing by region

To Sum it Up:

When you have a vast video library, you'll need a content management system that's reliable, secure, and simple to use. Flicknexs video CMS includes all of these and high-end functionality to meet modern OTT requirements.

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