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How to Start An Online Fitness Business

People at present are showing more importance to health and fitness as it has pushed the fitness industry to grow steadily. Covid pandemic has caused more disturbance to traditional ways of training as it has forced fitness or personal trainers to start an online fitness business to deliver fitness services online. There is a massive opportunity for personal trainers to take their fitness service online in the fitness industry. The closure of gyms and fitness studios have forced many people to shift to online fitness services to remain fit.

In 5 Easy Steps, Start Your Online Fitness Business
To start an online fitness business, you'll need to follow these five steps:

  • Choose a business model to follow.
  • Make a Content Strategy.
  • Create your website.
  • Decide on your prices.
  • Find out who your target market is.

How To Start An Online Fitness Business

1.Choose a business model:

There are two sorts of business models for online fitness studios. These are based on the video on demand (VOD), which is the backbone of your studio:

  1. People pay a one-time cost for your Content in transactional (TVOD).
  2. People pay a monthly price for access to SVOD (subscription video on demand).

The type of business you run will be determined by the model you adopt. As a result, it's important to know what each of them does.

The Pay-As-You-Train Model is Transactional:
People pay a one-time fee to access or own the videos you generate with Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD).
The transactional business model is ideal if you only want to educate one single skill, such as:

  • This is a unique class.
  • Workout schedule.
  • A workshop or a seminar. You may also design a "bundle" for your clients that includes everything they need.

Let's pretend you're a strength-training personal trainer who's come up with a killer 12-week exercise schedule that makes everyone feel like an Olympian.

Everything people need to see outcomes is included in the plan:

  • Plans for training.
  • Nutrition plans.
  • Video workouts
  • Obstacles to fitness
  • Suggestions for recovery You might bundle all of the videos and resources from the training programme, such as downloadable PDFs, into a single package that you offer for a premium ticket price. Customers can access all of the Content indefinitely once they purchase it.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this business plan in more detail.
You have the option of making a high-ticket offer.
You can market your product for years once it's finished.
In-person and virtual clients can quickly find out about your online personal training business.
Creating an affiliate offer for third-party trainers to sell is a simple way to enhance your business through referrals.
You need to continue finding new customers to keep the money coming in.
Your earnings aren't consistent or predictable.
Creating complete online classes can take a long time.
To make money, you must devote a significant effort to marketing practices.

The Membership Business Model is based on subscriptions:
People who subscribe to subscription video on demand (SVOD) must pay a monthly charge to see your videos. It's similar to having a Netflix subscription for your workout DVDs.

  1. This implies they can watch your movies if they pay their monthly cost.
  2. They will lose access if they do not pay their price. For fitness experts wishing to develop a comprehensive, client-focused online training business, SVOD is the ideal business strategy. It enables you to produce, update, and share movies that will help your clients achieve actual results, no matter where they are in the world. You have the option to post
  3. a variety of workout classes
  4. a variety of course options
  5. You may update and renew nutritional advice, recipes, eBooks, challenges, and workshops in real-time to guarantee your clients get the most up-to-date information.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this company plan.
You can make a steady income.
Your earnings are more consistent.
Customers stay subscribed for a longer period.
The business model is designed to be scalable.
This is something you can readily promote to both online and offline clientele.
Repurposing video content for marketing purposes is simple.
You'll need to devote time to creating new Content regularly.
Short-term income should be traded for long-term income.

2. Make a Content Strategy

It's time to choose your Content now that you've established your business concept.
We'll look at how you should format your Content and offer it to your online clientele in particular. We'll leave the topic of video making up to you!
I'll go through two aspects of an online fitness studio:
The "broad picture" of what your studio will offer is called macro-level Content.
Micro-Level Content refers to how your Content appears on a more personal level.

3. Create a Website

Your website serves as the storefront for your online fitness studio. It's where people will go to learn more about you, see your prices, and see if your training style is right for them.
A well-designed website is vital for an internet business to succeed. You'll also need to pick a platform that supports the type of business you want to start.
For certain firms, general website builders can be useful, but:
You'll need an all-in-one platform that specializes in video monetization if you want to start an online fitness studio.

With our "plug and play" website builder, Flicknexs can help you create a great storefront and manage your business from a single, simple dashboard.
Our built-in tools can assist you in the following ways:

  • Make your video landing pages and website.
  • You can easily upload and organize your videos.
  • Make money from your Content the way you want.
  • Accept payments from all across the world.
  • To reach audiences in real-time, use live streaming.
  • Keep an eye on subscription growth and churn.
  • Take control of your audience. You have everything you need to establish, launch, and build your video business if you use the correct video platform. This provides you with significant control over how you develop your online studio.

4. Decide on your pricing.

Many trainers struggle with getting online pricing right. While you may know how much your time on the gym floor is worth, it might be challenging to figure out how it translates to a virtual experience.
So we did some research into Flicknexs-hosted online fitness studios to find what the best rate for your website is.
According to our research, the average online fitness studio is:

  • Transactional
  • Subscription So, I propose starting at one of these pricing points and then increasing or decreasing based on the reaction from your audience.

5. Make a Personal Connection With Your Audience

Your new online fitness studio's marketing strategy is critical. You must establish relationships with people who will benefit from your training and who will appreciate the information you are delivering.
The easiest approach to do this, in my opinion, is to create a community.
In the fitness sector, communities are critical because they connect people around common fitness goals, training techniques, or even nutritional needs, fostering a sense of belonging.

To Summarise:

Online fitness businesses, which take the shape of video-based training websites, enable you to make money, scale your business, and reach a limitless number of individuals.
In five easy steps, you can start your own online fitness business:

  • Decide on a business model: The type of business you run will be determined by the model you adopt. You have three options: transactional, subscription, or a hybrid approach.
  • Make a content strategy: It's time to choose your Content now that you've established your business concept. Plan your Content by looking at your business's micro and macro aspects.
  • Create your website by following these steps: Your website serves as the storefront for your online fitness studio. Flicknexs makes it simple to construct a one-of-a-kind website.
  • Decide on your prices: When it comes to selling fitness routines, choosing the correct pricing structure is very important. You can sell a high-ticket item or a low-cost monthly membership that grows in value over time. Find and engage with your target market: Marketing is an essential aspect of running an online fitness class. Spread the word about your cause and make contact with the people you wish to help.

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