What do you want to learn?

charlesdlandau profile image Charles Landau ・1 min read

What technology (or whatever) looks shiny and fun? Why haven't you learned it yet? What do you already know about it?


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Learning Rust. I have a few RPI's sitting around that I would like to setup some embedded systems for also I'd like to write a couple neovim plugins for my own use.

Brushing up Angular. Working on a large Angular project and just need to get through this video series to remind me of a few pieces.


Still haven't dived in kubernetes or modern frontend JS (e.g. Vue, React). My reasoning for lack of use is 1) limited time and no compelling uses for the tech in my daily work, 2) others on my team are experts so we're covered.


Game development 😋


Game development is a great motivator to learn diverse topics like AI (in the old sense, like algorithms), graphics, networking.

But it is unlikely to learn actual game development.

It's a bit of a sweet fallacy. We liked to play games, and imagine it would be cool if people liked our games.

But writing a polished game is hard work, and mostly unrewarding. Entertainment industry is ungrateful.

Anyway, it's fun to learn. The means is more interesting than the end.

I suggest you limit scope and join PyWeek or Ludum Dare.

(Note: in a distant past,I participated in~5 pyweeks, and had some small flash games sold)


hmmmmmmmmmmI was gonna go ahead and use these

t'all seems straightforward enuff


Thanks to everyone who has been responding so far!

For me I guess it's Scala. Scala is one of those languages that it makes sense to adopt for a data engineer/scientist. As far as I know this is driven by technology like Spark and H20.

I haven't because A) I haven't found a use case that isn't already covered by technology that I already HAVE adopted and B) I just haven't devoted the time to make it happen.


Machine learning!! I've learned a little but it's a pretty extensive field. I hope to learn enough to take on a position as a data scientist in the future.

Is anyone else interested in this?


I enjoy learning web development and I started learning HTML and CSS last month. I hope one I will be a web developer


Push notifications, and real time web apps would be my favorite next learning subjects!


More Golang, havnt got my hands dirty with any Go projects that are significant in size or complexity. Digging around for noob friendly OSS projects.


I'm learning sales and how to close a deal recently. So basically, I would like to learn how to become expert in that field 😁