Learn React in 25 Short Lessons — React Holiday 2019 ⚛️🎄

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React Holiday (10 Part Series)

1) Learn React in 25 Short Lessons — React Holiday 2019 ⚛️🎄 2) What's a React Component? 3 ... 8 3) What are Props in React? 4) Make React Components as Re-usable as HTML Elements 5) Track State with React.useState 6) Render Conditionally with a Ternary 7) Fetch Data with React.useEffect() 8) Connect useEffect and useState to Update Components with Data 9) Extract Custom Hooks 10) Skip React.useEffect by Providing an Inputs Array

Hey React Friends,

I'm firing up the third season of React Holiday.

This year, I'm bringing it to dev.to!

React Holiday is for pros and beginners alike.
Each day, we'll cover one critical part of React.
We'll start with the most fundamental concepts — "What's a Component?" and "How Do I Pass Props?"
But we'll progress quickly to component composition and experimental features like Concurrent Mode.

Follow along and level up your React Game!

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