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What is first class object in python?

In python, functions are first class objects in python.

Advantages of first class objects:

  • We can treat functions like other normal objects like int, string, list etc
  • We can pass functions as another function arguments, return a function in another function and assign a function to another variable
  • Define a function within a function (Inner functions)
  • This first class object plays a key role in python for decorator design pattern.


# Simple function for adding two numbers
def add_num(num1, num2):
    return num1 + num2

# Passing function as a first argument
def add_values(fun, arg1, arg2):
    result = fun(arg1, arg2)
    return result
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  • Assigning function name to the variable:
fun = add_num
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  • Passing function as a parameter
two_num_sum = add_values(fun, 5, 8))
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