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Tauri will be bigger than Flutter and Electron in 2 years

Tauri is a cross-platform framework that provides a way to create secure, performant, and lightweight applications with modern web technologies. It is designed to help developers build applications that can run on all major operating systems and web browsers.

Tauri has been gaining traction in the development community, with strong support from open source communities and notable companies, such as Microsoft and Mozilla. As more developers learn about and use Tauri, its popularity will continue to grow.

Tauri also has the potential to revolutionize the way developers build applications. With its ability to create applications that are secure, performant, and lightweight, it could become the go-to framework for developers looking to build modern applications that can run on multiple platforms.

In short, Tauri is a promising cross-platform framework that has the potential to become the industry standard for modern application development.

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