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Best Programming Language to learn in 2020

Best Programming Language to learn in 2020

Best Programming Language to learn in 2020

The world is full of creative ideas, knowledge, and brilliant mind boosters. In today world of 2020, everyone is well known with the term computer and the programming language. So many business people are establishing their company and industry with the help of IT and CS. Computer science has entered almost every sector in the world. And the computer science can parallel, giving a fierce competition to the human brain.

The computer can access, delete update, modify the data within a second whether humans can take too much time for the same. And it is not a big deal for the computer. So, here it is crucial to know the best programming language to learn in 2020 for your future job and how the programming language is a boom factor in the modern world.

The essential skills and language to write a code in a computer is the first question that comes in every programmer or a beginner mind. But first, a fall you have to know basic computer knowledge because the computer can work in every field. From hospitality to medicals, office to defense. Computer science is everywhere.

Every day, programmers and developers work to introduce new language, software, apps, system to make human life more comfortable. Can you believe that a robot can operate the surgery in medical organizations and can fight with the terrorist alone? Yes, it might be weird but it is true, a robot can perform all the actions like human beings just because of the programs and instructions set by the programmer in the robot. So, in the below section, you will get to know the Best Programming Language to learn in 2020 and their uses.

Top 5 Programming Language in 2020- For the future job

You have heard too many languages in computer science because CS is differentiating in different categories. Every day a new programming language is introduced by the developers. And it is essential to know the actual use of programming languages. So, here are the top 5 programming language in 2020. And Data Science career is also a boom in 2020.

1- Python-

Python is undoubtedly first in the rank of Best Programming Language to learn in 2020. Python is one of the best programming languages used by most of the MNC’s and startup companies. Python has so many libraries for web applications, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more. It is open-source, easy to use, and flexible, which makes python better than the other programming languages.

Companies like- Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, SurveyMoney, and many more are built-in python. If you are a beginner and get the highest paining job in web application and data science so, python is the top programming language in 2020, and you should learn it. Python is very simple, and you can simply start it for your career.

Advantages of Python programming in 2020-

  1. Easy to learn and use.
  2. Interpreted Language
  3. Easy portable.
  4. OOP’s concept.
  5. Provide multiple libraries.
  6. Open Source.

Disadvantages of Python programming in 2020-

  1. Low speed.
  2. Difficult to access the database.
  3. Weak in mobile devices.
  4. Insufficient memory consumption.

2- Java

Java is another best programming language to learn in 2020. Various big industries and MNC’s had adopted the java for their large scale. Java has a unique property, which makes it different from the other programming language.Java is highly used for building enterprise-scale web applications. If you start your career in the development field so, you should learn java. Java has a vast opportunity in the area of Android app development. In today every organization needs an android application. There is a massive opportunity for java developers. Even Google has created their java-based android development framework i,e, Android Studio.

Advantages of Java programming in 2020-

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Secured Language.
  3. Platform Independent.
  4. Easy portable
  5. OOP’s concept.

Disadvantages of Java programming in 2020-

  1. No backup facility.
  2. No attractive look.
  3. Slow.
  4. Complex codes.

3- C/C++

C/C++ is used to write all the low-level systems like file systems and operating systems etc. For being a system-level programmer career. C/C++ is the best programming language to learn in 2020.C++ is also mostly used by the competitive programmers because it is speedy and stable. C++ provides the Standard Template Library[STL]. STL is ready to use libraries for the various arithmetic operations, data structures, and algorithms.

Advantages of C/C++ programming in 2020-
1- For C

  1. Powerful and efficient language.
  2. Built-in functions.
  3. Portable language.
  4. Middle-level language.

2- For C++

  1. Memory management.
  2. Portability.
  3. Compactibility with C.
  4. Low-level Manipulation.

Disadvantages of C/C++ programming in 2020-
1- For C

  1. No OOP’s concept.
  2. Run time checking.
  3. Low level of abstraction.
  4. Lack of Exception Handling.

2- For C++

  1. Security issues.
  2. Absence of built-in threat.
  3. Absence of Garbage Collector.

4- JavaScript

JavaScript is know as the “Frontend programming language.” JS is used to design the interactive frontend applications. Let’s understand with an example- whenever you press the button on the website during the alert and popup opens, so the JavaScript implements that logic.

In today, every organizations, startups, and MNC’s are using NodeJS, that is a JavaScript-based run-time environment.

Developers use JS for server-side to produce dynamic web page content just before the page or result send to the client’s web browser.

If you want to start a cool tech job, so javascript is the top programming language in 2020.

Advantages of JavaScript programming in 2020-

  1. Rich interface.
  2. Less overhead.
  3. Extended functionality.
  4. High speed and simplicity.

Disadvantages of JavaScript programming in 2020-

  1. Client-side security.
  2. Browser support.
  3. Single Inheritance.
  4. Rendering Stopped.

5- Go

GO, is known as Golang. Go is a programming language that is built by Google. Go is famous for multithreading support, and that’s why a lot of companies widely use it. If you want to work in a Valley-based startup specializing in core systems, Golang is the Best Programming Language to learn in 2020.

Advantages of Golang programming in 2020-

  1. Built by Google.
  2. Fast compiled the machine code.
  3. Ideal of building single-page applications.

Disadvantages of Golang programming in 2020-

  1. No GUI library.
  2. Lack of Versatility.

Wind up-
There are many programming languages. It depends upon you which field you want to choose for your career. There is no doubt in between python, javascript, golang, c/c++, and many more. Each language has developed for a specific task like python, and javascript is best for the web applications where c/c++ is suitable for the operating system and file systems. Computer Science is a vast career where you can make your career bright and secure.

I hope you would find the best programming language to learn in 2020 and which one is best suited for your career. Feel free if you have any queries and doubts regarding the above.

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