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How can a Next.js application grow your business online?

Single Page Applications like React, Angular, and many frontend frameworks render the page content dynamically with JavaScript and Search engine bots - mainly Googlebot will have a hard time crawling the content of our pages resulting in lower SEO performances. This is where Next js comes to the rescue. It has all the core features of React and comes with Server-side rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) support for excellent SEO to increase your website visibility on Google.

This means the page can be rendered on a webserver and returned to the browser as easily readable HTML. This kind of webpage is treated as "icing on the cake" by GoogleBot because it doesn't have to use resources for rendering the page using javascript. So, happier the GoogleBot is, the higher your web page will rank in Google searches.

Additionally Next js has a comprehensive list of features that include hot code reloading and splitting, automatic routing, prefetching, typescript support but one feature you should be most excited about is the support for Headless CMS.

Headless CMS is a backend Content Management System that does not worry about how and where your content gets displayed rather a headless CMS focuses on only two things: storing your structured content and delivering it. So, do you need a developer for Next js development and every time to edit and update posts? Absolutely No, you just need an awesome Next js developer like me to set up and integrate your preferred Headless CMS for the first time. Post setting up you can simply log in to CMS provider's dashboard and publish as many blog posts and incredible content you want on the website.

This was just a quick round-up on Next.js. If you interested to know more about my experience with Next.js and web development in general and more detailed tech articles refer to the blog on my website or check out my medium profile here

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