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Chetan garg
Chetan garg

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Overcome Positional Destructuring limitations! | KnowYourKotlin

Hi #androidDevs, This is Androidbites where I try to break down a small concept into an understandable code snippet and share my learning experience with it.

as per my previous article, I discussed how destructuring is limited in kotlin in case you missed it go through the following link.

👉 AndroidBites|Destructuring-limitations

Today's snippet tells about the place where you should never use destructuring. 👁 on the code 💻👇

kotlin restructuring limitations

You must be wondering then what should be the ideal place when we should be using it or even to use for not, to figure that out and more in-depth explanation with example follow the article below

👉 AndroidBites|Destructuring-safely

see you on the other side 😈

Happy Hacking!

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