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  1. I never understand the comparison between the two. React feels like a toy to me when compared to AngularJs or Angular.

  2. Everyone is talking about components like it's a new thing. Web Forms had this idea 15 years? ago. Actually I liked Angular because it reminds me a lot of Web Forms and I could use the same flow. Razor pages? Can't see how it's not Web Forms in a disguise

  3. AngularJs and Angular are not so far apart like everyone likes to say. Actually I converted a big application and it was mainly syntax rewrite.

  4. I'm dying to get rid of javascript :) It's amazing that we are still required to bundle files in 2019 instead of having an engine that can run anything inside the browser...


Sometimes all you need is to render some elements inside one or more isolated containers, handle events and state, and nothing more.

I rarely have to do something else. What does this have to do with how to write the actual code? When I hear such a statement from a developer in my team, it means they are going to cut corners and they are going make a hard time for the others.

The fact that it is a lean library that does events, rendering and state (and that's about it) is what I like about React.


There is an actual engine inside de browser parsing and compiling code! Its called V8, SpiderMonkey and many others. The thing here is about your personal preferences; looks like you don't like JavaScript very much when it is the only programming language the browser directly understands.

I said that I don't like Javascript :) It's outrageous that we have to settle for it even with TypeScript which improved the situation drastically. It's still an inferior language (and this is not a personal preference). Anyway, I complained about bundling. It may look natural that you have to do it, but this is merely a compromise. There should have been a better more elegant solution by now, And I work very hard every time to hide this burden from my developers, bundling is not something I want them to waist their time on.

How is “it’s still an inferior language” not a personal preference? Are you saying that is an objective fact?

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