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I Love CSS. What Technology should i learn next?

So for context, I'm studying for a while now and I feel pretty comfortable with React, Javascript, Html and CSS.

I love styling pages with pure CSS, its almost therapeutic, but as I understand that's not the industry standard and isn't very efficient.

From from the available CSS technologies that are most commonly adopted (SCSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc) Which one is the most similar to regular CSS that I can learn and would help me in my career?

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Muhammad Uzair

Instead of asking someone else, just bit of youtube and google search can save your future self and career. Figure out what you want to become. Choose specific field & go after it.

You can use for roadmaps

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Michael Mangialardi

For therapeutic fun, check out pure CSS images.

Since Tailwind is a shortcut to writing CSS, if you still need to get familiar with CSS then write plain CSS or SASS. However, I like Tailwind as soon as you feel good with CSS.

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Nathan Hedglin

For CSS, Sass and BEM are what I still see in the enterprise space. Bootstrap too but that depends. Again, I'd focus more on vanilla technologies and the concepts more than the specific frameworks.

I'd suggest taking an existing project and converting it to BEM + Sass then making a new branch that uses Tailwind. Or even make your own CSS library/framework to get an idea of how Boostrap or Tailwind works.

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Luka Hietala

I would learn Tailwind CSS because it's highly customizable and easy to learn. I love Tailwind because you don't need to worry about naming your classes. After all, we all know that naming them is hard. It also works with React. ;)

Tailwind CSS.

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Hardeep Kumar

Well the most close ones are these 2

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Doug Elkin

SCSS will save you time and headaches just from the ability to nest rules.

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I'd suggest go for NEXT.js, it'll be a plus for you along with TailwindCSS.

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Humberto David Esquerra

You should learn tailwindcss. It'll speed up your web development and inbed everything in your HTML or JSX making it easier to read.