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2024-05-03 my weekly recommendation

Many articles but also topics in my weekly recommendations.

These are the articles I liked and recommend you reading

you are your own maintainer

I would sum up like this: your today's code is your future legacy code.

Thanks @technosophos for sharing your thoughts on dev and work

Here are the articles I wrote about same topics (click to unfold) ccoveille

How to be a better developer for you and the others

Christophe Colombier ・ Apr 7

#programming #devjournal #howto #workplace

Discover your cognitive biases 🧠🤔, and how to deal with them 💪🤩 !

Christophe Colombier ・ Apr 22

#psychology #workplace

why and when automating things

Thanks @grayside, I can see your passion to XKCD

a good article about password management

Thanks @gearoidotreasaigh

An interesting and detailed article about code review.

I approve and second author's guidelines and ideas:

Thanks @tassiofront

The story behind gzip

Thanks @huizhou92

why you need a rubber duck

The amazing rubber duck techniques I use for years now, explained and discussed in this post

Thanks @anitaolsen

an interesting alternative to classic Readme profile on GitHub

Thanks @tungbq

a good article article about email protection behind tools, but also privacy

Thanks @devh0us3

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