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Global hidden mouse pointer when typing

Lately I have been trying to focus on using the keyboard for all the things rather then constantly switching from mouse to keyboard and back. As I have tip toed down this path I realized one thing. I really don’t like it when the mouse pointer is hovering over where I am trying to interact with the screen. Whether it be typing a post or jamming out some code, talk about annoying to have to reach over and move the mouse pointer out of the way! Without further elaboration here is what I did.


Fedora 32 Linux running X11

Install libs for build

This command will be different if running Ubuntu pretty much just change devel to dev

dnf install \
 make \
 libXi-devel \
 libXfixes-devel \
 libXt-devel \
 libX11-devel \

Clone, Build, Copy

git clone ~
cd ~/xbanish
cp xbanish /usr/local/bin/

Create Systemd Service Unit File

open ~/.config/systemd/user/xbanish.service

And paste this into the file




Tell the system about the new service

systemctl daemon-reload

Enable the service as a user service

systemctl --user enable xbanish

Start the service as a user service

systemctl --user start xbanish

Now when you type your mouse pointer will hide, and when need your mouse pointer just move the mouse and it will show up right where you left it!


Optional steps needing to remove and or stop the service

If needed stopping the service

systemctl --user stop xbanish

If needed removing the service

systemctl --user disable xbanish

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