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Ditch iTerm for Alacritty and tmux

setting up terminal theme

First thing that needs to be done is how to manage terminal theming. But for the full experience (inactive window dimming) this is an important first step.

What's important here is setting index color 18.

alacritty-shell option 1

Follow the instructions for installing alacritty-shell

alacritty theme manual update option 2

Copy a 256 color theme from alacritty-themes into alacritty.yml file.

setting up tmux

Add the following snippet to tmux.conf file.
NOTE if using alacritty-shell use colour247 instead of colour18

  • Note fg=colour2 is terminal green
  • Note bg=colour18 is using the index color set from the theming above. It is important that colour18 is a lighter/darker shade of the background color. Usually by about 5-10 lightness values.
set -g pane-active-border-style fg=colour2,bg=colour18
set -g pane-border-style bg=colour18
set-window-option -g window-active-style bg=terminal
set-window-option -g window-style bg=colour18
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see it in action

also using walh vim theme for dimming with vim screens.





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