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CASE v1 released. The fastest way to build CRUD apps

Hello dear colleagues ! 👩🏻‍💻

We are very happy to launch the v1 of CASE 🚀

CASE is a full stack framework combining Angular and NestJS.

CASE's purpose it to ship very fast CRUD apps like dashboards, admin panels and ERP without having to trade-off any of your freedom 🏖

CASE JS Framework screenshot

Here a few specs:

  • CLI based on Angular/Nest syntax to create Resources and Props in 1 command
  • RBAC system with roles, permissions
  • 50+ UI elements with logic and validation (inputs, filters...)
  • file upload/download system and Word/PDF/Excel generation,
  • Total control of your code

We are currently looking for BETA testers to give us feedback and advice on the direction to take 🙏🙏🙏

If you are interested go try the CASE Framework and contact us through our Discord.

Angular NestJS

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The fastest way to build a CRUD app. ✨


The fastest way to develop CRUD apps
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What is CASE ?

CASE is an exceptionally fast app builder for Typescript developers. ⚡

It is focused on CRUD apps: custom web apps like internal tools, ERPs, CRMs, admin panels and dashboards.

"It's like an ORM on steroids"

CASE is based on TypeORM and pushes further the concept of ORMs. Not only you can describe your app entities to generate their database storage, you can generate the app itself from it:

  • The list of the items
  • A create / edit view to add and update items
  • A detailed view of an item

Entity files

The few lines below generate a whole app (see screenshot above):

// cat.entity.ts
  nameSingular: 'cat',
  namePlural: 'cats',
  slug: 'cats'
export class Cat extends
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