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I'm looking for a design job

carmenwright profile image Carmen Wright ・1 min read

Hello folks!

I'm Carmen Wright and I'm actively job hunting at the moment.

My ideal role includes user experience and inclusive design for the web. I love to create wireframes and prototypes. I'm a fan of working with Figma, but have used InVision in the past.

I have a working knowledge of HTML/CSS, responsive web development, and visual design (improving those skills at the moment).

I've dabbled in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Yes, that's a lot of dabbling, but I like to dip my brain into new technologies.

🚫 I'm not looking for a UX Researcher or Front-End Developer role.

📍 Las Vegas or Remote (especially ones that plan to stay remove post-COVID 19)

My portfolio can be found at my website.

*This would be my first formal design role, but I would be thrilled to work and learn from your company.


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