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Articles you may have missed this week but it's worth reading 👍

Hello DEV people! 👋

For some time I've had this idea of trying to support those developers who create content sharing things they've learned to help others in the community but for different reasons didn't get many interactions in their articles.

There are many reasons for that to happen, maybe time of posting, article's title, not having many people following them here, etc... for whatever reason the post didn't get many interactions and this can be frustrating.

Frustration is relative since people have different expectations when they share an article here. Nonetheless, deep down, they shared to help others, and when there are few interactions we assume we haven't helped as much as we could've. The feelings involved depend on the writer but as someone who also shares posts sometimes here I know this can be true to some.

Okay okay for introductions, this list aims to help these content creators to have another way to reach more people and have their work appreciated. I tried to get these articles(in no particular order) from the last 7 days so they are relatively new on here.

The list 📝

1. Tips for frontend devs on how to better approach coding designs

When having to implement a new design, it's important for frontend devs to give a fresh new eye and review it from a different angle beyond the designers.

When doing this, having in mind how the user would think while interacting with these new features is essential to sane all the doubts and build them the best way.

To help with it, Joanna shares some questions she tries to answer when getting the design.

2. On Becoming A Better Junior Developer

Based on his experience, Nicholas created a list of things Junior developers should have in mind for success.

I would add that not only Junior but every developer should have those points in mind to work better in a team and always evolve.

3. App 101: Jamstack vs Traditional Webapps

To start his App 101 series, that will bring discussions to help us make some decisions when building webapps, Zack decided to go down the memory lane.

In this article, he shares a bit of the history and evolution of web development from those old webapps to the modern JAMStack. Nice one to reflect on how things evolved and give food for thought to which approach best suites your need.

4. 7 Approaches I Took While Learning Web Dev From Scratch

Switching from biotechnology to software engineering is not easy task and through this path Michael has learned a lot about the pros and cons of different approach while learning.

In this article, he shares how these approaches helped him and how you could also benefit from them. It's not a guide on how to make your study plan but it is definitely a great starting point based on his experience.

5. Everything you need to know about Styled Components

The latest libs making waves in the CSS-in-JS paradigm are TailwindCSS and Chakra-Ui but many projects still uses one of the most successful lib when this approach emerged, Styled-Components.

In this article, Paul shares a lot of great tips showing the capabilities of the lib to help you with it. Worth checking out if you work with Styled-Components.

6. State and setState Explained with Emotion

If you're a beginner in React this is a nice introduction to state with actionable examples on how to deal and pass it between components.

Shaundai nailed it with the funny naming for this example and the explanations :)

That's it! ✌️

Hope you find it usefull somehow. If you liked it don't forget to go to these articles and give it a ❤️. It's nice when someone show their love and gratifying for the author to see they've helped people :)

This is just a list I made trying to help these bloggers, none of them asked for it neither they know about it 😂.

There are many other nice articles out there but I can't put them all here so if you think your article deserves a second chance feel free to drop it in the comments :)

If you liked it, leave it a ❤️. Hopefully we can also connect on Twitter, I also share nice articles I find there :)

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