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Cristian Landaez
Cristian Landaez

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5 Reasons to try Godot game engine

If you are a indie dev looking for a new tool to add and never heard about godot before, then this is your lucky day. Today I'm gonna talk you about godot. Godot is a free, open source game engine focus on easy of use and empower the developer. I'm gonna tell you 5 reason why you should try godot today.


  1. Free and open source
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Node system
  4. GDScript
  5. Unity alternative

Free and open source

As I told you before, godot is 100% free and open source. The development is by and for the community and will always be for the community. All that you make with godot is 100% yours, and all the features are free to use without a barriers.

Easy to learn

If you would like to start making games, as a hobby, full time or just being curious, godot is an excellent tool to start with. Godot is an excellent engine to learn the basics and a has an excellent documentation to start with. You can find really good 2D and 3D tutorials. The installation process is quite simple as well, just go to Godot page to download and get the right version for you (standard or mono version). You don't need to install godot, is a executable file, just run it and create a project.

Once you create and open a project you will notice the simple layout and all the tools you have like: a 2D and 3D editor and a code editor for gdscript with auto-complete.

Node system

In godot, every object in the scene is a node. The node system use a composite design pattern that gives us the power to create complex entities in godot. There are multiple types of nodes, form UI to physics and game logic that allow you to tweak your game. This system is really powerful and flexible, and will let you make your vision comes true.



One of the most incredible features of Godot is one of his scripting languages. Even though you can use C# in Godot and C++, and are fully supported, GDScript is a language created exclusively for the engine. Being a python-like language makes GDScript easy to learn, write and read. If you already know python jumping to GDScript will be simple.


Unity alternative

For last but no least we have an excellent alternative for Unity engine. If you have seen some of the latest unity news, then you know that the company behind the engine is more interested in profits than making the engine better. As I told you before godot is focus in the community and not in making profits.

The node system in godot is really similar to unity's game components. The support for C# lets use your previous knowledge in godot and will alow you a really easy transition to Godot.


If you want to see some ganes made in godot click here. As you can see Godot is a great tool for create 2D and 3D games. I hope that with this post it has helped you find a great tool to learn and develop games. If you have another reason to why learn Godot, tell me in the comment section. See you soon and good luck making games.

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Max Cerrina

I am sure a lot of people have been wanting this; they've all been waiting for Godot!

shinspiegel profile image
Jeferson 'Shin' Leite Borges

Good article, very detailed.
Would you mind adding the #godot tag on the post?

caraplana1 profile image
Cristian Landaez Author

Of course my friend i must have forgotten

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