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Useful Tips for writing testable code in iOS.

Many developers don't like writing tests.

But once you start writing it, you may fall in love with writing tests. You might not want to implement any feature without writing tests once you learn how to write them effectively. And that’s the reality.

However, the leading cause is code, which is highly coupled and difficult to test. But like with anything in life, it’s all about practice, and eventually, you will love it.

Writing testable code is an important practice for any software developer. It ensures that your code is reliable, maintainable, and easy to improve.

In this post, I tried to share a few important Dos and Don’ts points for writing testable Swift code that we need to consider while writing the test.

By following these best practices, you can write code that is easy to test and maintain, and that delivers the desired results.

Few points to get started...

  • Use dependency injection
  • Use appropriate app architecture
  • Avoid using singletons
  • Write tests for every feature
  • Use the mocking library

For a detailed post, check out canopas blog.

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