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How To Add Multiple Modules In The Swift Package Manager

What is SPM?

Swift Package Manager, is Apple’s tool for easily adding libraries and frameworks to your project. Introduced in 2015, it’s loved for its simplicity.

Compared to CocoaPods, SPM’s integration is straightforward, and it’s widely adopted, supporting many popular libraries. With ongoing improvements, SPM keeps simplifying development.

Its user-friendly interface and strong capabilities make it vital for modern Swift development.

Table of content

  • How to Create a Swift Package
  • How to create Submodules/Libraries in Package
  • How to Add External Dependency in Swift Package
  • How to Manage Dependency with Plugins
  • Conclusion

How to Create a Swift Package

Creating a Swift Package is as easy as starting a new project.

Open Xcode, go to File , select New , then choose Package . This will create your package.

There is preview of Creating a Swift Package

In our exploration of integrating multiple modules into the Swift Package Manager, we've uncovered the essential steps to enhance your development workflow.

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