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iOS — Designing Data Layer For Offline-first Apps

Ever wondered how note-taking apps like Evernote or chatting apps like Whatsapp keep working without the internet?

Not only you can use the existing data, but you can also send a message or add a note and it will sync when the internet becomes available.

That’s not magic! Those apps are designed in such a way.

OK, let’s start with the concept offline-first apps.

Offline first apps are architected in a way that they will continue working normally even during the time when you have bad internet or no internet at all.

In the generation of the Internet, why do you need offline first apps? 

Let’s discuss its importance and implementation with an example.

Offline-first apps are very pleasant to use and certainly delight the users as they are never blocked by the internet when they want to take action, especially in a world where everybody has very limited time!

As we now understand the concept and its importance, let’s see how we can start creating those types of apps. To read full article, visit our blog.

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