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Animation In Swift With Examples - Part 4

Hello readers, Welcome back to our exploration of iOS animation!

Today we are going to explore a variety of engaging animations, including the flipping Square’s graceful twirl, the ArcRotation elegant spin, the twinCircle playful bounce, the ThreeCircleBlinkDots rhythmic blinking, and the ThreeTriangleRotatingDots dynamic triangular rotation.

These animations not only enhance the visual appeal of your app but also contribute to a more enjoyable user experience.

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Table of content

  • Background
  • Sponsored
  • Introduction
  • FlippingSquare
  • ArcRotationAnimation
  • TwinCircleScale
  • ThreeCircleBlinkDots
  • ThreeTriangleRotatingDots
  • Conclusion

Let's have a look at what we’re going to implement…

There are 5 types of animations FlippingSquare<br>

Let's know about the elements that make up these animations…!

  • FlippingSquare —Rotating square in both vertical and horizontal direction
  • ArcRotationAnimation —Smooth continuous rotation of arc around the circle.
  • TwinCircleScale —Dual circles interaction in a circle.
  • CircleBlinkDots —Three gracefully blinking dots on a rhythm
  • TriangleRotatingDots —Three dots engaging in a triangle rotation.

This merely scratches the surface of SwiftUI animations. To delve into the captivating realm of SwiftUI animations, Be sure to explore the comprehensive article on Canopas Blog.

There, you'll discover insightful examples and helpful code snippets.

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