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Discussion on: Comparison of MDX integration strategies with Next.js

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Cam Sloan

Thanks for writing this, Tyler. You're right that the current documentation is pretty unclear and it's a tough landscape to navigate. Thank you for clarifying a lot of it for us.

Quick question for you about your mdx setup: do you have a route in your site that acts like a blog homepage, which includes links to all your other mdx posts?

I am curious how to go about setting that up in a somewhat automated way with @next/mdx. Ex: a landing page that lists all the mdx posts sorted by date, then links out to each one.



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Tyler Smith Author

Hey Cam,

Thanks for reading! I don't have anything like that: on my site, the only mdx pages are About, FAQ and Contact.

However, Lee Robinson recommended in a tweet that npx create-next-app -e blog is a great way to get started with a Next-powered blog. Lee is on the Vercel team so his advice tends to be pretty solid.

I'd run that command in a new directory and see how that's structured: I feel like that may have everything you need to get started.