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Just Ship It

If you're like me, you've worked on a lot of side projects where your enthusiasm has waned over time as you realize that it's not as niche-filling, interesting, or commercially viable as you originally hoped. I tend to experience this at the 70%-to-MVP mark, and then the project becomes just another directory I move into my archives folder.

If you don't have an already-extensive portfolio to show to interviewers or clients, just ship it! Having something is better than having nothing, and you're likely undervaluing the quality of your work. Plus, having deployment experience is incredibly valuable, and being able to DIY your way through the development, implementation, and deployment of a product, even if it's not up to your standards, is a huge confidence-booster!

I've also learned that deploying half-built projects gives me more incentive to work on them (as does publishing half-finished text posts that I can edit over time). It gets you over the hump of self-consciousness and you get something to show for it!

Just ship it!

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