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re: I read a great article by Michal Gomicki about being his story on changing careers and starting his web development journey in his 40s. As someone ...

As someone who has worked "in the game" for over 5 years, I can say you definitely can do it. I think the notion that older folks (somehow 44 is considered old haha) can't learn and adjust to this new skillset is wrong.

I get the sense the negativity is most prominent in the start up community, but I can say the company I work for would think of someone applying to entry level position all the same no matter age. In fact, if the individual sold themselve well, I could imagine wanting the older applicant more because of the extra experience outside of just the technology.


Thank you for your insight and inspiration. I am learning something new every day. Even about the software that I work for as a customer support agent.

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