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So far this week
I have learnt what APIs basically and i love the idea of using data from another website. Call me lazy but lol, its pretty awesome.
I have also learnt async/await syntax and how to use them in my code. Here's my repo on that github.com/rustydcoder/fetch-api-call .
And this week I started a project on building something from spotify web-api but i am kinda stuck. So a weekend break will do.


I read a great article by Michal Gomicki about being his story on changing careers and starting his web development journey in his 40s. As someone who was recently told that I was “too old to try to get into the game” even though I have gone to school for it in the past (2006) and just need to get up to date on current languages and trends, I found his article VERY inspirational and after reading it, I told my wife about it. I have been attempting to learn on my own through Udemy courses and I am so happy that I have found Dev.to. It has brought me great ideas, reading material and inspiration. Thank you again for your article Michal and thank you to the Dev.to community as a whole.


As someone who has worked "in the game" for over 5 years, I can say you definitely can do it. I think the notion that older folks (somehow 44 is considered old haha) can't learn and adjust to this new skillset is wrong.

I get the sense the negativity is most prominent in the start up community, but I can say the company I work for would think of someone applying to entry level position all the same no matter age. In fact, if the individual sold themselve well, I could imagine wanting the older applicant more because of the extra experience outside of just the technology.


Thank you for your insight and inspiration. I am learning something new every day. Even about the software that I work for as a customer support agent.


Nearly 33 and trying to get into the game myself! Best of luck to you!


I needed to add a method to the Ruby File class. I found out you can do this by:

file = File.new(...)
def file.new_method

You just add a new method for instance of File class, or it’s what you need :D


If you need/want the method on the File class and not just the instance you could do:

class File
  def new_method
    # do_stuff

file = File.new(...)

I'm starting to help set up our CI/CD pipeline in Azure, so I learned about Azure Resource Management templates and started to help configure ours.


Not quite this week, but I learnt that DEV has multiple Twitter accounts specific to different languages, so you can choose which ones you want to follow.


This week I learned about c++ memory management and optimizations. Things like move semantics, smart pointers and lifecycle. It makes my head hurt but the more I use it...the less my head hurts 😂😂


Dev.to cover images are 24:10 while all other social networks use 19:10 💩


Aw this is great! Awesome conversation starter and way to engage with one another 😄


I've read about Deno js and how to build a CRUD API using Deno and Mongo