10 Intriguing Public REST APIs For Your Next Project

Cameren Dolecheck on August 28, 2019

The notion of working on side projects gets thrown out a lot amongst the programming community. It can be intimidating sitting in front of a blank ... [Read Full]
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Awesome post!
Consider using Postwoman - An online, open sourced API request builder which helps you create your requests faster, saving you precious time on your development.


I appreciate the efforts but you don't just stick a product in face. Article was not associated with having REST API client, but you stick it there out of the blue.
If the product is good, people are going to talk about it. This just looks like an ad.


The post is about API's, providing a client recommendation is on-topic.

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как вы заебали, ебаные феминистки

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да он какой там педик


Cool Post, bro. You could check out this github repo for an extensive list of public APIs -


Yeah, that list an excellent and one I refer to often! I included links to that and RapidAPI in the post.


Nice, this is a pretty great directory that I've not seen before. Thanks for sharing!


Interesting post. You might find these APIs cool and super-helpful:

  1. ipgeolocation
  2. Astronomy API
  3. Timezone API

openweathermap.org/api -> OpenWeatherMap is an awesome API that's pretty easy to use


Yeah, there are many great weather APIs! My first draft of this post had the Dark Sky API, as it is my preferred weather app. I chose not to, as the only pricing model they have is a pay-as-you-go tier, While the first 1000 calls per day free is plenty for many projects, I wanted APIs that had totally free tiers. Open Weather Map is great and probably the most popular weather API. I decided to list a lesser known one; thus, I went with WeatherBit for this post.


Hi! great article :D

I also recommend Rick and Morty's api rickandmortyapi.com/


Urban Dictionary API may not be public, but it has public facing API. The link in the article was to the API entry in urbandictionary, not the actual endpoint.

The API is relatively simple: api.urbandictionary.com/v0/define?... but I wouldn't count on your app surviving for long if they see you slurping traffic.


Cool ... Do you have something on educational articles or circulars.


Great post! I'd like to add The chuck Norris jokes API to the list. It's just great for a laugh!


Good article, very useful to know these APIs to learn new technologies and not do the usual projects.


these would be amazing fun to play around with putting a GraphQL engine in front of, too


Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to use them in my testing projects.

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